News - updated 18.6.2018

PhD course: Advanced drug metabolism course

Points of course: 2 credits

Course director: Risto Juvonen, Seppo Auriola

Place: University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio, Finland

Time: August 20. – 22. 2018. Literature material and pre-course exam in advance.

Learning goals: Passing the course student knows the role of metabolism for the kinetics and effects of drugs and xenobiotics and what kinds of studies need to be done in drug development and risk assessment of chemicals; student can analyze the data of metabolic experiments obtained from metabolic reactions catalyzed by enzymes and measured by modern HPLC-Mass spectrometry techniques; student can evaluate different kind of factors affecting on the metabolism such as inhibitors, inducers, genetic and developmental factors.

Teaching methods: Pre-course exam, reading of three scientific papers before the course. Lectures, group work, calculations of experiment and laboratory experiment during the course. After the course student need to return a short summary report.

Please find program attached here.

Course is free for PhD students

Participants of industry and administration need to pay 100 € enrollment fee.

Please enroll in the link below:

Dead line of enrolment is 11.8.2018