FinPharmaNet member Doctoral programmes' courses

Courses and events (co)organised by FinPharmaNet (FPDP, its sections 2012-2015) and local drug research doctoral programmes.

Archives of the courses organised by former FinPharmaNet Graduate Schools (before 2012) are in the corresponding section.


University of Helsinki (UH) DPDR courses.
In general, DPDR (and other Doctoral programmes) organise scientific courses and Doctoral School in Health Sciences (DSHealth) transferable skills courses. Most, but not all, courses are listed in WebOodi database.

University of Turku (UTU) DRDP courses.

PET BASICS-course, 3–5.4.2018, Program
Place: Risto Lahesmaa Lecture Hall, Turku University Hospital, Turku
Organiser: Turku PET Centre
Language: English
Target attendees: Physicians, scientists, PhD students, all interested in PET
Course is free of charge and worth of 2.0 credits for MSc and PhD degree, and 22 h for MD
specialist’s degree.
Please register latest March 19, 2018 to Lenita Saloranta

University of Eastern Finland (UEF) DPDR courses.

Generating mammalian cerebral cortex course
1 ECTS, 11.-12.9.2017, Viikki campus

The course is based on:

- Journal club (one article of prof. Jeffrey Macklis). 10 h preparation, 2 h discussion
- Jeffrey Macklis Viikki Monday seminar 11.9 at 15.15-16.00, 1 h
- Jeffrey Macklis presentations and interactive discussion with students 12.9 at 9.00-12.00, 3 h
- Student lunch with Prof. Macklis in Viikki 12.9., 1 h
- Writing up a learning diary, 2h
- Discussion and return of the learning diary, 2 h

Application to course 31.8.2017 at the latest.

Info: University of Helsinki (UH) DPDR courses.

Welcome to the course!

NorDoc (Nordic Doctoral Training in Health Sciences): Nordic Summit for Doctoral Candidates 2017: Health Sciences Across Borders
21.-22.8.2017, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden
NorDoc website.

FinPharmaNet 11. Annual meeting, 14.-15.8.2017, Kuopio

Kliininen lääketutkimus 2017 -kurssi, 18.-19.5.2017, Meilahti, Helsinki.
Program, info and registration in HY DPDR web site.

Drug abuse: pharmacological, toxicological, and clinical aspects,
26.-27.4.2017, Helsinki
The Finnish Pharmacological Society Spring meeting and scientific symposium *
More info in SFY web site.


TUTKIMUSTIEDON KRIITTINEN ARVIOINTI 2017 (590300) 5 OP, 23.1.-9.2.2017, Helsingin yliopisto
HY DPDR info.


Pharmaceuticals in the Environment (PiE) – From Troublemakers to Benign by Design
9.-10.11.2016, Center campus, University of Helsinki.
Progarm and details.
Deadline for registration 31.10.2016

5 th Membrec – Extracellular vesicles
8.9.2016, University of Helsinki, Main building
Info (.pdf)
Info web site.

Workshop: Early Stage Drug Discovery in Finland and in Oulu, 13.-14.9.2016, University of Oulu, Medical Campus: Lecture Hall P117
To course web site

An intensive course (2 ECTS) on
Pharmaceuticals in the Environment (PiE) – From Troublemakers to Benign by Design
is to be arranged on 9-11 November 2016 at the University of Helsinki.

The course aims at increasing understanding on the impact of drug (pharmaceutical) residues found in the environment on the environmental health by combining the viewpoints of pharmaceutical, environmental, chemical and biological sciences as well as engineering.
The course is targeted for PhD and advanced MSc students, but suits also for BSc level students.
Teaching language is English.

Registrations are due 31 October 2016 via the e-form below:

To Info and program web site (UH DPDR)


UH DPDR: P4 medicine (FIMM), 2017, Helsinki

UH DPDR: Computational Systems Medicine with focus on Network Pharmacology (FIMM), 2017, Helsinki


*FPDP-D (DRDP, Turku)Systematic reviews and meta-analysis; University of Helsinki and University of Turku, January 26-28, 2015



Behavioural phenotyping of rodent disease models – potential and pitfalls, 28.8.–2.9.2016, Tartu / Pyhajärve Spa Hotel (, Estonia
To course web site
Organizers: University of Helsinki, University of Eastern Finland, University of Tartu

FinPharmaNet 10 th Annual Meeting: Career development, Turku, 29.-30.8.2016

UH’s and UEF’s pharmacy Doctoral candidates´ meeting in Jyväskylä, 26.5.2016

UH DPDR: Tutkimustiedon kriittinen arviointi
(Weboodi 590300) 5 OP
18.1.-4.2.2016, Viikki, Helsinki
Ilmoittautuminen 10.1.2016 mennessä.
Info (.pdf)


FPDP-C: Kliininen lääketutkimus
17.-18.11.2015, Haartman Institute, Large lecture hall, Meilahti campus, Helsinki
Info (.pdf)
To registration

FPDP-P: Neuropharmacology of drug addictions
6.-7.10.2015, Helsinki
Info (.pdf)
Registration in WebOodi (course code 921713)

FPDP: Prof. Raimo K. Tuominen 60 years Symposium
28.8.2015, Biocenter 2, Viikinkaari 5, Auditorium 1041, University of Helsinki
Info (.pdf)

FPDP-P: Emerging targets and molecules in middle space – FinMedChem 2015, Synthetic Chemistry 2015, 12 th FIPS
24.–27.8.2015, Helsinki
Web site

FPDP-P: Summer school on medication safety research
19.-20.8.2015, University of Helsinki, Room 135, Fabianinkatu 24
Info (.pdf)

FPDP 9 th Annual Joint Meeting The future of pharma
19.-21.8.2015, cruise: Helsinki-Stockholm-Helsinki

FPDP-P: Reprogramming of cell fate
22.6.2015, Lecture Hall 1, Biomedicum, Helsinki

FPDP-P: Nanotechnology and microfluidics (for pharmaceutical applications)
25.5-5.6.2015, Helsinki
Info (.pdf)

UH DPDR: Outcomes Assessment, Rational Drug Therapy and Pharmacy (Weboodi code: 590185), 6.-7.5.2015
Course management: Prof. Marja Airaksinen (course management), Prof. Alan Lyles (teaching)
Aims of the course: To familiarise the students with rational, evidence based principles of drug therapy and assessment of outcomes and quality of the therapy. The course is an introduction to pharmacoeconomy and outcomes research as a part of it.
Program (.doc)

FPDP, UH DPDR: Helsinki Spring course on Parkinson’s disease, 4.-5.5.2015, Helsinki
Preliminary program (.doc)

FPDP-P: Eläinlääkkeiden kehityksen ja käytön erityispiirteet/Special characteristics of use and development of veterinary medicines, 4 credits. 26.-27.3 ja 23.-24.4.2015. Course registration is open in WebOodi (course 590332). Course language is mainly Finnish.
Info (.pdf)

Herbal products – pharmacology, clinical pharmacology and toxicity
23.-24.4.2015 Helsinki, Finland (House of Science and Letters, Ostrobotnia)
Preliminary program (.pdf)

Organizers: Finnish Pharmacological Society, Finnish Society of Clinical Pharmacology, Finnish Society of Toxicology, Doctoral programmes

FPDP-P: Microbial lifestyles and drug discovery of antimicrobials, 23.3.–24.4.2015, Helsinki

FPDP-P: Measuring effectiveness in health care research/Vaikuttavuuden mittaaminen
17.2.-5.3.2015, Helsinki
Info (.pdf)
Rekisteröinti kurssille / Registration

FPDP-P: Lääketaloustieteen tutkimusmenetelmät
17.3.-15.4.2015, Helsinki
Info (.pdf)

FPDP-P: Tutkimustiedon kriittinen arviointi
19.1.-5.2.2015, Helsinki
Info (.pdf)


Info page

FPDP-P: Biopharmaceutics in Pharmaceutical Product Development – Biofarmasia farmaseuttisessa tuotekehityksessä, 8.-11.9.2014, Helsinki
Preliminary info (.pdf)

FPDP-P (DPDR, UH): Developing new drugs for chronic pain: focus on opioids and glia, 8.-10.9.2014, Helsinki
Preliminary info (.pdf)
Registration (deadline 5.9.2014)

FPDP-P (DPDR, UH): Membrec 2014, 4.9.2014, Helsinki
Info site

FPDP-P: GPEN 2014: the tenth biennial The Globalization of Pharmaceutics Education Network meeting, 27.-30.8.2014, Helsinki, Finland.
FPDP-P: New emerging cell models (e.g. stem cells, 3D cells) – in GPEN
FPDP-P: Drug metabolism and metabolomics – in GPEN

FPDP 8 th Annual Joint Meeting: Epidemiological approaches in pharmacology and toxicology, 26.-27.8.2014, Helsinki (FPDP-T)

FPDP-C: Introduction to Phoenix Winnonlin
20.-22.8.2014, Biomedicum Helsinki.
Organiser: Prof. Mikko Niemi

FPDP-P: Statistics for graduate students in health services research, 2.-3.6/2014, Helsinki
Info (.pdf)

FPDP-P: Outcomes Assessment, Rational Drug Therapy and Pharmacy, 26.-27.5.2014, Helsinki
Info (.pdf)

FPDP-P Lääketaloustieteen tutkimusmenetelmät, 9.4.-31.5.2014
Info (.pdf)

  • FPDP-P: Drug-receptor interactions, 2/2014, Kuopio
  • FPDP-P: Drug design, 5/2014, Kuopio

FPDP-C: Lääkkeiden haittavaikutukset 2014, 22.1.2014-23.4.2014, keskiviikkoisin klo 14.45-16.15; Meilahden sairaalan luentosali 4, luentosali 3 tai luentosali 1, Helsinki
Päivitetty (20.1.2014) ohjelma ja lisätiedot (.pdf).
Rekisteröityminen viimeistään 3.2.2014.

FPDP-P: Tutkimustiedon kriittinen arviointi, 1/2015, Helsinki


FPDP-C: Kliininen lääketutkimus 2013, 25-26.11.2013, Meilahti, Helsinki.
Ohjelma ja lisätiedot (.pdf).
Rekisteröityminen viimeistään 17.11.2013.

FPDP-P ja -C: Good Clinical Practice -koulutus
11.10.2013 ja GCP-verkkotesti
Perustiedot GCP-ohjeista ja kliinisiin lääketutkimuksiin liittyvistä määräyksistä Suomessa sekä GCP-verkkotesti, josta saa erillisen todistuksen. Kouluttajana lääketeollisuuden asiantuntijat.
Rekisteröityminen (27.9. mennessä)

FPDP-P ja – C: Lääke- molekyylistä markkinoille
Tutustuminen lääkkeen elinkaareen ja lääketeollisuuden toimintaan. Kouluttajana lääketeollisuuden asiantuntijat.
Rekisteröityminen (22.9. mennessä)

FPDP-P: The International Autumn School on Nanostructured Materials in Biomedical Applications
2.–6.9.2013, Turku, Finland
Info site
Organisers: Hélder A. Santos, Jarno Salonen and Niklas Sandler
FPDP 7 th Annual Joint Meeting: Drug Safety, 22.-23.8.2013, Helsinki
Organisers: FPDP-C, I. Reenilä

FPDP-P, -D: FinMedChem – Medicinal Chemistry in Finland
Organisers: E. Wallen, J. Yli-Kauhaluoma/UH, A. Poso/UEF, P. Vuorela/ÅA
Info site

FPDP-P, -D:Nordic Natural Products Conference 2013
Organiser: P.Vuorela/ÅA
Info site

FPDP-P:Stereotaxical methods in brain research
5.-7.6.2013, Biocenter 2, Viikki Campus, Helsinki
Deadline for registration 15.5.2013
Info (.pdf).
Organiser: P. Piepponen/UH

FPDP-P: Methodological aspects of productivity cost identification, measurement and valuation in pharmacoeconomics
Info (.pdf).
Organisers: J. Martikainen
See also KWRC-symposium

FPDP-D,-P and -T: Drug metabolism and analysis of metabolites/bioanalysis II
Info (.pdf).
Organisers: R. Juvonen, S. Auriola, / UEF

FPDP-D and -P: Cellular microenvironment, 16.–17.5.2013, Helsinki
Info site.
Organiser: Irene Ylivinkka/HBGP

FPDP-P: Outcomes assesment, rational drug therapy and pharmacy
6.-7.5.2013, Helsinki
Info (.pdf).
Organiser: M. Airaksinen/UH

FPDP-P: Flow Cytometry
Organiser J. Koistinaho/ UEF (AIV)
Info site.

FPDP-D and FPDP-P: Practical course on G protein-coupled receptors
15.-19.4.2013, Oulu (Linnanmaa Campus and Kontikangas Campus)
Preliminary program (.pdf ).
Info site

FPDP-C: Suomen Kliinisen Farmakologian Yhdistys (SKFY) r.y.:n vuosikokous ja Suomen lääketutkimuksen tohtoriohjelman Kliinisen lääketutkimuksen jaoksen tieteellinen symposium, 21.3.2013
Info (.pdf ).
Huom: Tampereen lääkäripäivät 2013, 20. – 22.3.2013

FPDP-P: Medication safety research – Overview on Methods and Current Topics NOTE: date changed
Info (.pdf ).
Deadline for registration 14.3.2013

FPDP-P: Population pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics: How to interpret and apply the results in patient care
23.-24.1.2013, Kuopio.
Info (.pdf ).
Organiser: Veli-Pekka Ranta


FPDP-C: Käytännön farmakokinetiikkaa 2012, 26.-27.11.2012, Biomedicum Ls 3, University of Helsinki.
Info (.pdf ). Registration (before 20.11.2012 at 15 o’clock).

FPDP-P: Drug design 31.10.-20.11.2012, Kuopio

FPDP-P: Intracellular Delivery and Targeting of Nanoparticles, 23.-25.10.2012,
University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio Campus
Info (.pdf )

FPDP-P: Drug-receptor interactions in drug design, 22.-26.10.2012, Kuopio

FPDP-D: The 7th biennial symposium on Androgens – Androgens 2012
– will take place at Biomedicum Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland, on November 8–10, 2012. It aims at bringing together scientists and their trainees interested in molecular biology and genetics of androgen signaling in normal and pathological conditions.
For the program, submission of abstracts and other information, please visit the web site of the meeting at the following URL

Please note that the deadline for abstract submission is next Monday, October 8, 2012.

FPDP: Non-mammalian model organisms, 8-12.10.2012, Tampere
Info site

FinBioNet PhD-Student Symposium: “RnB” – Revolutionary Bioscience -From advanced technologies to personalized medicine.
02-03.10.2012, Tampere
Info (Facebook)

FPDP-P: New frontiers on neurodegeneration and neuroinflammation; from peptidases to mitochondria and neurotrophic factors
Wed 26 – Sat 29 Sep 2012, Helsinki. Info (.pdf )
Finnish Pharmacological Society – Autumn 2012 meeting

FPDP-P: Molecular modelling I, 17.-21.9.2012, Kuopio

FPDP-D: MEMBREC SYMPOSIUM Vesicles and Organelles (910126, 0.5 – 1.0 ECTS).
September 6, 2012, 09:00-19:00
University of Helsinki Main Building, Small Hall, Fabianinkatu 33

FPDP-D: BioCity Symposium 2012: PERSONAL GENOMICSFROM TECHNOLOGIES TO APPLICATIONS, August 23-24, 2012, BioCity, Turku

FPDP-P: Assessment of rodents’ behavior: methods and rationale
Mon 27 – Thu 30 Aug 2012, Culture Center Sofia, Helsinki
Organiser: Prof. Pekka T. Männistö
Info and program (.pdf), Registration 15.8.2012 at the latest.

FPDP-P: Nordic Graduate School Course on Metabolomics
Mon 20 – Fri 24 Aug 2012, Location: UEF, Kuopio campus
Organiser: Seppo Auriola.
Info (.pdf )
Course is full.

FPDP: FinPharma Doctoral Program – 6 th Joint Meeting: Selectivity of Medicines with Career Development session 16.-17.8.2012, PharmaCity Auditorium, Turku

FPDP-T: Human placental Studies, Kuopio, University of Eastern Finland, June 14-15, 2012

FPDP: Mitochondria and Oxidative Stress in the Nervous System, June 11-15, 2012, Kuopio, University of Eastern Finland. Info

FPDP-P: Statistics for Health Services Research: Multivariable Methods
8.-9.6.2012, Helsinki
Organisers: Marja Airaksinen, Marja Blom

FPDP-D: CREDE & TCDM SYMPOSIUM, METABOLIC REGULATION OF HORMONAL DISEASES AND CANCER, together with CEROSS Graduate School students and supervisors from Gothenburg, Sweden, 2.-3.5.2012, Pharmacity Auditorium and Mauno Koivisto centre, BioCity, Turku

FPDP-P: Prodrug strategies in drug design
Wed 11 Apr 2012 – Thu 12 Apr 2012
UEF, Kuopio campus
Organiser: Prof. Jarkko Rautio. Registration before March 28, 2012. Please send your name, institution, and e-mail address to Kristiina Huttunen ( @ For further information about the course and accommodation, please contact Kristiina Huttunen

FPDP-T: 33rd annual symposium of Finnish Society of Toxicology, Jyväskylä 16.-17.4.2012:
Environmental and ecotoxicology of pharmaceuticals and nanoparticles

FPDP-D NEUPHAR, Biomedicum, Helsinki, 7.-8.4.2012

FPDP-C: Joint meeting of the Finnish Pharmacological Society and the Finnish Society of Clinical Pharmacology
– co-organised by the FinPharma Doctoral Program, Clinical drug research section
Helsinki March 2, 2012, Lecture hall 1, Biomedicum Helsinki, Haartmaninkatu 8, 00290 Helsinki
In symposium BCPT Nordic Prize in Basic & Clinical Pharmacology & Toxicology
Prize is awarded to Prof. Pertti Neuvonen, Professor in Clinical Pharmacology, previous Director of FPDP-C.

Suomen farmakologiyhdistyksen (SFY) ja Suomen kliinisen farmakologian yhdistyksen (SKFY) yhteiskokous 1.3.2012 Biomedicum Helsingissä (Haartmaninkatu 8).
Ohjelma (.pdf). Symposiumin yhteydessä jaetaan BCPT:n palkinto prof. Pertti Neuvoselle.
Rekisteröityminen viimeistään 26.2.2012.

FPDP-D: Annual FPDP-D meeting 2012, February 6.-8., 2012, Spa Hotel Rantasipi Aulanko

Physiologically based pharmacokinetic and toxicokinetic modeling (PBPK), 17-18.1.2012, Kuopio

FPDP-D: 8th course on “Genetically Modified Mouse Models: PHENOTYPE CHARACTERIZATION”, Behaviour, 16.-17.1.2012, Mauno Koivisto centre, BioCity, Turku