The Doctoral Programme in Drug Research (DPDR) - University of Helsinki, Finland

The Doctoral Programme in Drug Research (DPDR) started on January 2014. DPDR belongs to the
Doctoral School in Health Sciences in the University of Helsinki, Finland.

The aim of DPDR is to educate experts having wide view of drugs and toxicology. The research topics in DPDR cover the life cycle of the medicines and toxicology. DPDR has approximately 130 Doctoral candidates and about 15 doctoral theses are published annually.

Doctoral education in DPDR consists of:
1) Research (>75 % of doctoral degree)
2) Theoretical education in transferable skills and scientific topics
3) Meetings with thesis committee/follow-up group annually. Briefly, updates of research plan, study plan (and TUHAT database) and career prospects are presented to thesis committee/follow-up group to evaluate the progress of doctoral education.

DPDR organises national and international scientific education courses and events in drug research and toxicology. Also DPDR has wide network of academic, administrative and industrial collaborators. Mobility (work, courses and congresses outside home unit) of the Doctoral candidates are supported by travel grants.