Annual FPDP Meeting 2012

Welcome to the
FinPharma Doctoral program – 6 th Annual Meeting 2012: Selectivity of Medicines with Career Development session, 16.-17.8.2012, Turku

This is the first Meeting under the name FinPharma Doctoral program (FPDP) since earlier four graduate schools merged to one doctoral program and these graduate schools are now sections in FPDP.

Download final program.

Description and abstracts of the meeting was published 2012 in Dosis 28 (4): 306-329.

Earlier FinPharmaNet Meetings’ info (.pdf) and summary of feedback (.pdf) can be found on Previous FinPharmaNet Joint Meetings page.

Registration is open until 8.8.2012. Send abstract before 1.8. 2012 to Coordinator Eeva Valve (eeva.valve(at)

1. General information

FPDP will organize the 6 th Annual Meeting, August 16-17 2012, in PharmaCity, University of Turku. All graduate students and researchers from the FPDP sections (Clinical Drug Research, Drug Discovery, Pharmacy and Toxicology) are invited to participate in the Annual Meeting.

The meeting consists of lectures, selected oral poster presentations of the graduate students in the lecture hall and poster session. The invited lectures will be given in the lecture hall and posters are mounted in the lobby nearby the lecture hall. Poster (and lecture) abstracts will also be published in Finnish pharmaceutical journal Dosis.

Best pharmaceutical thesis in 2011 prizes were awarded to Mikko Käenmäki (UH) and Johanna Räikkönen (UEF).

2. Abstract preparation and submission info

All graduate students are invited to prepare an abstract of their presentation. The abstract should be in RTF format and it will be sent to coordinator Eeva Valve while registering to the meeting until 1.8. 2012. Students can inform if they prefer oral or poster presentation of their study. In case of too many or not enough oral presentations, Student council students will select oral presentations.

All abstracts of the graduate school Joint Meeting will be published in in an Abstract book and in journal Dosis in year 2012 (

  • Abstracts should be written in English using font Times New Roman size 12 and should contain a maximum of 300 words including the title, authors, affiliations and references (see Model abstract).
  • Note: use sparingly special characters and symbols (α, β, µ, ‰, ±, ≥, ≠ etc.).
  • Figures are submitted as separate files at the end of registration. For drawings and cartoons use TIFF format with minimal resolution of 300 dpi. Graphics file format can be FreeHand 10, Illustrator 9, Corel Draw 8, PowerPoint, EPS, PDF or WMF.
  • Note: final print area in Dosis is maximally about 7 × 21 cm (including text, figures and tables etc.).

3. Posters and oral presentations

The location of posters is outside the lecture hall.

The poster should be attached on Thursday morning. The poster board width is 84 cm and height is 116 cm. The pins for the attachment will probably be available.

Oral presentations of the posters (e.g. Power Point presentations) will be on Thursday. About 8-11 doctoral students will present their studies 15-20 min (including questions and comments), focusing mostly on background and significance of the study leaving the details to poster.

The best poster from each FPDP section will be awarded.

Presentation prizes awarded by Professor Hannu Raunio (FPDP-T), President of Finnish Pharmaceutical Society Niklas Sandler (FPDP-P), Professor Mika Scheinin (FPDP-D) and Professor Jari Yli-Kauhaluoma (introducing President Niklas Sandler). Professor Janne Backman awarded prize to FPDP-C (not in picture). Awardees were Hanna Vuorenpää, Jenni Repo and Muluneh Fashe (FPDP-T), Henna Ylikangas and honorary prize to Leena Kontturi (FPDP-P), Mari Björkman (FPDP-D) and Anne Filppula (FPDP-C).

4. Place and traveling

PharmaCity Auditorium, Itäinen Pitkäkatu 4B, FI-20014, Turku

PharmaCity in Turku is 10 minutes walking distance from Kupittaa railway station.

Bus from Kuopio (via Tampere) will leave at 15 o’clock on Wednesday near Canthia in Kuopio campus. The bus will be in Tampere (place) at about 19.30 o’clock and it arrives to Turku, Sokos Hotel Hamburger Börs, at about 22 o’clock . Return trip will start at about 15 o’clock on Friday. This travel and accommodation is free for FPDP Doctoral students and FPDP supervisors.

In case you want to join this travel please contact risto.juvonen (at) or tel. 040 7282699 and inform:

- your name

- travel from Kuopio/Tampere and/or to Tampere/Kuopio

- do you stay at Sokos Hotel Hamburger Börs from Wednesday to Friday

Last day to register for this trip will be 29.7.2012 (or even earlier)

For info contact Risto Juvonen (contact info above).

Travel grants can be sought from the FPDP sections. Costs of travel by train / bus / airplane (the very cheap prices) and accommodation will be supported.

FPDP-P Doctoral students: reasonable (cheap) travel and accommodation costs will be covered by FPDP-P (use SAP program for travel request, see Alma intranet). Note Hotelzone and railway discounts for the University of Helsinki.

5. Accommodation in Turku

Annual Meeting participants are most likely in hotel Scandic Plaza, hotel Marina or Sokos Hotel Hamburger Börs

Other Turku region accommodation.

6. Participation fee

The meeting is free of charge for all FPDP Doctoral students, their supervisors, academics and FPDP partners.

Lunch is not included in the meeting but coffee/tea is supplied free of charge. Thursday evening dinner buffet for the FPDP members and researchers is also free of charge (cancellations before 8.8.2012).

7. Credits

FPDP – 6 th Annual Joint Meeting is suggested to be included in doctoral studies,

Certificate of Participation will be provided by request (during registration).