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FPDP-P: travel grant 2015

The FinPharma Doctoral Program Pharmacy section (FPDP-P) has travel grants for Doctoral students. All PhD students in the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Helsinki or in the School of Pharmacy at the University of Eastern Finland, and who belong to the FPDP-P (=do not belong to any other national doctoral programme funded by Academy of Finland), may apply for these travel grants.

Travel grants are intended for travel and accommodation costs (daily allowances are not acceptable) for participation in graduate school courses, scientific visits and conferences. It is expected that the supervisor’s research project or other funding sources also contribute towards the travel budget (partial funding will be given if the application is successful).

Maximal amounts of travel cost reimbursements will be:
• Travel in Finland: max 400 euros (Doctoral students in UH) and max 500 euros (Doctoral students in UEF, in case of travel outside Kuopio)
• Travel outside Finland: max 1300 euros (Doctoral students in UH) and max 1400 euros (Doctoral students in UEF)
• In special cases (e.g. working abroad) maximal support is negotiable

Higher support for Doctoral students in Kuopio is due to usually more expensive traveling to training events nationally and internationally.

The FPDP-P particularly supports the following activities:
• Travel to FPDP’s courses
• Visits to international laboratories and institutions to acquire new skills and methods, in order to improve the applicant’s PhD thesis work and training
• Visits to international courses

See FPDP courses.

The eligible FPDP-P grant applicant:
• has passed the preliminary examination
• has reported about the annual activities (https://elomake.helsinki.fi/lomakkeet/48689/lomake.html).


All travel grants have to be applied for in advance, at least three weeks before the travel and the grants must be used within the same year as applied. Last date of grant use (bill and receipts to be accepted) for the year 2014 is December 15, 2014. The application should be addressed to the Director (students in Helsinki) or to the Vice Director (students in Kuopio).

The following information must be included:
• membership in the FPDP-P
• description of purpose for the travel grant
• travel budget and other funding granted/applied for
• description of the student’s work proposal or presentation in a scientific meeting: (title, abstract, poster or oral presentation), the applicant’s CV and list of publications
• track record of the applicant’s post-graduate studies (dates for the launch of PhD studies, preliminary examination, defense of the research proposal and other completed studies).
• names of the supervisors and the title of the research
• estimated year of dissertation and doctoral degree
• in case of an international visit, justification how this travel promotes a) the international activities of the FPDP-P, b) applicant’s training and c) applicant’s research group or organisation, must be given.

After the travel, a short report (e.g., a meeting abstract, description of activities, benefit for the home scientific community) and an itemization of the actual travel budget should be submitted to the FPDP-P Board (via Coordinator). Normal University routines with respect to billing should also be adhered to.

A free form application is to be addressed to:

- in Helsinki:
Associate Professor Clare Strachan, PhD
University of Helsinki, Division of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology
Visiting address: Viikinkaari 5 E
P.O.Box 56, 00014 Helsingin yliopisto, Finland

clare.strachan (at) helsinki.fi

- in Kuopio:
Professor Jarkko Rautio, PhD
University of Eastern Finland
School of Pharmacy, Pharmaceutics
P.O.Box 1627, 70211 Kuopio

Jarkko.rautio (at) uef.fi