FPDP administration


FPDP Board consists of Director, section Director (and Vice directors), representatives of pharmaceutical industry, national authorities and two Coordinators. This composition provides wide view and opinions about doctoral training in drug research and toxicology including career development and employment after doctoral degree.


FPDP Director: Raimo Tuominen, UH

FPDP-C Director: Janne Backman, UH (Pertti Neuvonen, UH)
FPDP-C Vice director: Mikko Niemi, UH

FPDP-D Director: Mika Scheinin, UT

FPDP-P Director: Clare Strachan, UH
FPDP-P Vice director: Jarkko Rautio, UEF

FPDP-T Director: Hannu Raunio, UEF
FPDP-T Vice director: Kirsi Vähäkangas, UEF

Medical industry: Reijo Salonen, OrionPharma
National authorities: Erkki Palva, Fimea, Hki

Coordinators: Ilkka Reenilä, UH; Eeva Valve, UT