FPDP Pharmacy - Curriculum: Defence of the research plan

Defence of the research plan (3 ECTS)

Time: 1–2 years after starting the PhD studies


  • to evaluate students abilities to plan for the research projects
  • to confirm knowledge of the students research field

  • preparation of the research plan (student)
  • selection of the board (supervisors, professor of the Department/Division)
  • studying of the research plan (board)
  • defence of the research proposal (student, board, no supervisors)
  • qualification / rejection / repetition (board)
  • continuation (supervisor, student)


Doctoral student prepares a research plan (about 6 to 12 pages). Supervisor comments on the plan before it is sent to the members of the board.

Suitable running time for the defence of the research plan is about 1 – 2 hours. The aim of this function is to evaluate how well a student can plan a research, argue and discuss about the topics of the student’s research. In addition, the facts and theories of the research are examined. To ask the facts is important but the questions should be essential and fundamental, not small details.

At the end of the occasion the board fills in a report and sends it to the supervisor. The feedback is given in report and also suggestion if the defence of the research plan has been qualified. Supervisor gives a copy to the student and, in case of qualification, sends the report to the Faculty office for the registration of the credits. If the occasion was not qualified the supervisor discusses with the student to agree for the future actions. Detailed instructions for the qualification is included in the report form.