Mitochondria and oxidative stress in the nervous system

Postgraduate course

11-15 June 2012

University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio, Finland

Sponsor: Doctoral Program in Molecular Medicine (DPMM)
C-sponsors: FinPharma Doctoral program and
Finnish Academy program ‘Photonics’

Credits: 2.0 ECTS
(Lectures + laboratory work 6 h)

3.0 ECTS with poster

Registration fee: Students €100, industry €250
DPMM and FinPharma Doctoral program students – free of charge

Registration fee includes attendance to lectures and practicals, coffees, get-together party and boat trip

Registration deadline 25th May 2012.

External speakers:
Prof Michael Duchen, University College London, UK
Prof Chandan Sen, Ohio State Univ. Medical School, USA
Dr Pier Mastroberardino, Erasmus Medical Center, the Netherlands
Dr Leo Khiroug, University of Helsinki, Finland
Dr Mikko Koskinen, Orion Pharma, Espoo, Finland
Internal speakers:
Prof Rashid Giniatullin, University of Eastern Finland
Dr Anna-Liisa Levonen, University of Eastern Finland
Dr Olga Vergun, University of Eastern Finland
Prof Mustafa Atalay, University of Eastern Finland
Dr Gundars Goldsteins, University of Eastern Finland
Prof Michael Courtney, University of Eastern Finland


Course venue is A.I. Virtanen Institute seminar room 3208, address Neulaniementie 2, Kuopio, Finland.
Scientific and contentual matters: please contact professor Rashid Giniatullin (rashid.giniatullin at
Practical matters: please contact Hanne Tanskanen (hanne.tanskanen at
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