Annual FPDP Meeting 2014

Welcome to the
8 th Annual FinPharma Doctoral program Meeting 2014 Epidemiological approaches in pharmacology and toxicology, 26.-27.8.2014, Helsinki

Description and abstracts of the meeting was published 2014 in Dosis 30 (4): 315-327

Scientific Program

Deadlines: Registration and abstract submission has been extended until Tuesday 12.8.2014 at 15 o’clock. Abstracts can be submitted by e-mail to Coordinator Ilkka Reenilä and the Student council.

1. General information

FPDP will organize the 8 th Annual Meeting on August 26-27, 2014, in Biomedicum Helsinki, University of Helsinki. The meeting will focus on “Epidemiological approaches in pharmacology and toxicology”. All graduate students and researchers from the FPDP sections (Clinical Drug Research, Drug Discovery, Pharmacy and Toxicology) and FPDP partners/collaborators are invited to participate in the Annual Meeting.

Student council: Kalle Aaltonen, Juho-Matti Renko, Hanna Vuorenpää and Pauliina Salonen.

The meeting will consist of lectures and a poster session. Invited lectures will be given in the lecture hall and posters are mounted in the lobby outside the lecture hall. Abstracts will be published in the Finnish pharmaceutical journal Dosis. Abstracts/posters on any areas of FPDP research are welcome, with no restriction to the general topic of the meeting.

2. Abstract preparation and submission info

All graduate students are invited to prepare an abstract of their presentation. The abstract should be submitted in RTF format by e-mail to Coordinator Ilkka Reenilä ( by 12.8.2014. All accepted abstracts will be included in the poster session.

All accepted abstracts of the Doctoral program Joint Meeting will be published in an Abstract book and in the Dosis journal in 2014 (

Obey the following instructions:

• Abstracts should be written in English using Times New Roman size 12 font and should contain a maximum of 300 words including the title, authors, affiliations and references (see Model abstract).
• Note: use special characters and symbols (α, β, µ, ‰, ±, ≥, ≠ etc.) sparingly.
• Figures are submitted as separate files at the end of registration. For drawings and cartoons use TIFF format with minimal resolution of 300 dpi. Graphics file format can be FreeHand 10, Illustrator 9, Corel Draw 8, PowerPoint, EPS, PDF or WMF.
• Note: final print area in Dosis is maximally about 7 × 21 cm (including text, figures and tables etc.).

3. Posters and oral presentations

The location of posters is outside the lecture hall.

The poster should be attached on Tuesday morning. The poster board (inside frames) width is 95 cm and height is 114,5 cm (detailed dimensions as .pdf). Pins for attachment will be available.

4. Venue and traveling

Biomedicum Helsinki (Haartmaninkatu 8): Map

How to get to Biomedicum

Public transportation in capital area to Biomedicum Helsinki: Timetables etc.

Reimbursments for travel costs can be sought from the FPDP sections. Costs of travel by train / bus / airplane (the very cheap prices) and accommodation will be supported.

Bus transportation from / to Kuopio (Departure August 25, 2014) and accommodation in Helsinki (August 25 – August 27, 2014) will be organized and is free for FPDP Doctoral Students and FPDP Supervisors. Sponsored accommodation will be a shared double room.

- Please inform the following details to Marja Lappalainen ( by May 30, 2014:
1) Do you participate?
2) Do you need transportation from / to Kuopio?
3) Do you need accommodation in Helsinki?
4) Do you have a preferred roommate? (In case you do not want to name anybody you will be automatically matched with another participant)
5) Do you also participate in GPEN 2014? (Bus transportation will be organized for the participants of both or one of the events accordingly; Accommodation will only be organized for the FPDP meeting!)

5. Accommodation in Helsinki

Helsinki region accommodation.

6. Participation fee

The meeting is free of charge for all FPDP Doctoral students, their supervisors, academics and FPDP partners. Students outside FPDP are also welcome to participate.

Lunch is not included in the meeting but coffee/tea is supplied free of charge. Tuesday evening salad buffet for the FPDP members and lecturers is also free of charge.

7. Credits, certificates and feedback

FPDP – 8 th Annual Joint Meeting will be applied from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Helsinki, to be included in doctoral studies.

Certificate of Participation will be provided by request (during registration).

Feedback will be collected after the meeting.