FPDP-P history 2012-2015

FPDP Pharmacy (FPDP-P)

FPDP Pharmacy (FPDP-P), former Graduate School in Pharmaceutical Research (GSPR, started at 1998), includes all Doctoral students in the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Helsinki (UH) and School of Pharmacy in the University of Eastern Finland (UEF) unless they are members of another national Doctoral program. However, most PhD students in both pharmaceutical units follow the principles of the study curriculum described in the FPDP web page.

During 2012-2015 the FPDP-P is coordinated by the University of Helsinki and in 2014-2015 the Director is Associate Professor Clare Strachan (UH), and the Vice Director is Professor Jarkko Rautio (UEF). The Coordinator is Ilkka Reenilä, PhD. Arja Afflekt and Mervi Silaste act as officers in postgraduate education in Kuopio.

FPDP-P offers a multi-scientific and well organized doctoral education in pharmaceutical research. It includes several research groups and is a part of national and international pharmaceutical research network having connections with pharmaceutical companies.

Course organisers

A collection of material for course organisers.

1. Feedback

- Feedback form

- Send summary or all course feedback to FPDP-P Coordinator

2. FPDP logo

Large size

- You can use this logo in course material, posters etc.

3. Check the dates

- No overlap but potentially close to the other FPDP courses

4. Economy

- Could there be other organisers in Finland who are interested in the same international lecturers? Coordinator can ask graduate school coordinators’ network the interests to have the lecturers at the same travel to Finland and share the costs.

- Fill up course budget spreadsheet. After the course fill up true costs

- University administrations formulas change occasionally. Please, search those in University administration (intra) web sites

4.1 University of Helsinki:

Instructions in Finnish:

HY-1Tuntiopetus ja palkkio -ohje.doc
HY-2Lähdeverovelvollisten palkkiot.docx

Forms in Finnish:

HY matkalasku (.xlsx)

Forms in English:

HY-5 15_fee.docx
HY Specification of travel expenses: matkalasku-englanti (.xlsx)

- Travel bill in English. “To be paid by Faculty: Pharmacy/FPDP-P, WBS 11412485”

Course costs:

- You can use HY form

- Laskun aihe/Reference info: H5520, WBS 11412485, FinPharma Doctoral Program (FPDP-P), your name, course name, date, sum, which costs

- Attach receipts

- If refreshments are provided: attach list of participants

In case electronic bills are not applicable, send paper bills for scanning:

PL 7138
01051 LASKUT

- Ensure that: Laskun aihe/Reference info: H5520, WBS 11412485, FinPharma Doctoral Program (FPDP-P), your name, course name, date, sum, which costs

- Attach receipts

- If refreshments are provided: attach list of participants

4.2 University of Eastern Finland



Travel cost bill form (in UEF intranet). Note: for self paid costs

Course costs, address:

Itä-Suomen yliopisto
PL 96404
01051 Laskut

- Laskun aihe/Reference info: Graduate School in Pharmaceutical Research, 6300241, your name, course name, date, sum, which costs

Defence of the research plan (3 ECTS)

Time: 1–2 years after starting the PhD studies


  • to evaluate students abilities to plan for the research projects
  • to confirm knowledge of the students research field

  • preparation of the research plan (student)
  • selection of the board (supervisors, professor of the Department/Division)
  • studying of the research plan (board)
  • defence of the research proposal (student, board, no supervisors)
  • qualification / rejection / repetition (board)
  • continuation (supervisor, student)


Doctoral student prepares a research plan (about 6 to 12 pages). Supervisor comments on the plan before it is sent to the members of the board.

Suitable running time for the defence of the research plan is about 1 – 2 hours. The aim of this function is to evaluate how well a student can plan a research, argue and discuss about the topics of the student’s research. In addition, the facts and theories of the research are examined. To ask the facts is important but the questions should be essential and fundamental, not small details.

At the end of the occasion the board fills in a report and sends it to the supervisor. The feedback is given in report and also suggestion if the defence of the research plan has been qualified. Supervisor gives a copy to the student and, in case of qualification, sends the report to the Faculty office for the registration of the credits. If the occasion was not qualified the supervisor discusses with the student to agree for the future actions. Detailed instructions for the qualification is included in the report form.

Preliminary written examination

In the University of Helsinki, these instructions DO NOT concern doctoral candidates who have registered to the Faculty after 1.9.2014 or study according to new requirements for the degree decided 9.9.2014.

In the University of Eastern Finland the regulations for preliminary examination will be published later.

The examination is arranged twice a year, in May and November.

Note! Preliminary examination has to be passed before applying for travel grants.

Dates of next examinations: Monday 18.5.2015 and preliminarily on Monday 23.11.2015, at 10.00-14.00 o’clock.

  • Place in Kuopio:
  • Place in Helsinki:

Registration at the latest 30.04.2015 and 6.11.2015:

  • In Kuopio, by e-mail to hilkka.wessman (at) uef.fi
  • In Helsinki in Weboodi (590110 Farmasian tutkijakoulu). Write the topic and examination material to “Additional data” text box.
  • Inform hilkka.wessman (at) uef.fi and ilkka.reenila @ helsinki.fi about the possible changes

Subjects, examinators and books (updated 2014):

Analytics/pharmacognosy – biopharmacy – biotechnology – pharmacology – pharmaceutical chemistry – pharmaceutical technology – drug design and synthesis – social pharmacy – industrial pharmacy

Examined by: Seppo Auriola and Risto Kostiainen

Practical HPLC Method Development, 2nd Edition. Lloyd R. Snyder, Joseph J. Kirkland, Joseph L. Glajch ISBN: 978-0-471-00703-6. Wiley Hardcover 800 pages. March 1997

Examined by: Arto Urtti and Veli-Pekka Ranta

H. van de Waterbeemd, B.Testa: Drug Bioavailability, 2. painos, Wiley-VCH 2009, chapters 3, 5, 7-9, 12-13, 15-17, 19 and 22, altogether about 235 pages.
Crommelin DJA, Sindelar RD, Meibohm B: Pharmaceutical Biotechnology. Fundamentals and applications. 3rd ed., Informa Healthcare, New York, 2008

Examined by: Paavo Honkakoski and Heikki Vuorela

Gary Walsh: Biopharmaceuticals: Biochemistry and Biotechnology, 2nd Edition, John Wiley & Sons.
ISBN: 0-470-84326-8 (Hardcover), ISBN: 0-470-84327-6 (Paperback), 570 s.

Examined by: Anne Lecklin and Raimo Tuominen

Note! Latest editions!!!
BG Katzung: Basic & Clinical Pharmacology, 11. edition, 2009, chapters 1 – 36


Rang, Dale, Ritter, Flower, Henderson: Rang and Dale’s Pharmacology, 7th ed. 2012, chapters 1-48 excluding chapters 30-35.

Examined by: Jarkko Rautio and Paula Kiuru

A.T. Florence & D. Attwood: Physicochemical Principles of Pharmacy, 4. edition, chapters 1-6 and 8-12.

Examined by: Jarkko Ketolainen and Jouko Yliruusi

A.T. Florence & D. Attwood: Physicochemical Principles of Pharmacy, 4. edition, 512 p.

Examined by: Antti Poso and Jari Yli-Kauhaluoma

Graham L. Patrick: An Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry, 5th Edition, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2013, pages 1-789.

Examined by: Marja Airaksinen and Riitta Ahonen

Examination or essay written at home about predetermined subject. INDUSTRIAL PHARMACY 6-8 ECTS (only in Helsinki)
Examined by Anne Juppo

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Handbook – Production and Processes, Shayne Cox Gad (ed.). The whole book corresponds to 8 ECTS. For a smaller exam (6 ECTS): discuss with professor in Industrial Pharmacy.

Research groups (and research projects)

Discipline and principal supervisors:

University of Helsinki University of Eastern Finland
Bunker Alex Honkakoski Paavo
Marvola Martti Mönkkönen Jukka
Murtomäki Lasse Pentikäinen Pertti
Urtti Arto Ranta Veli-Pekka
Viitala Tapani Suhonen Marjukka
Yliperttula Marjo Urtti Arto
Elo Hannu
Hiltunen Raimo
Laakso into
Rischer Heiko
Tammela Päivi
Vuorela Heikki
Castrén Eero Forsberg Markus
Ekokoski Elina Herzig Karl-Heinz
Lindholm Dan Keränen Tapani
Myöhänen Timo Koistinaho Jari
Männistö Pekka Laitinen Jarmo T.
Piepponen Petteri Lecklin Anne
Raasmaja Atso Mervaala Eero
Salminen Outi Männistö Pekka T.
Tuominen Raimo Raasmaja Atso
Tacke Ulrich
Yavich Leonid
Ylikoski Jukka
Pharmaceutical chemistry:
Finel Moshe Auriola Seppo
Kauppila Tiina Azhayev Alex
Kiuru Paula Callaway James
Kostiainen Risto Gynther Jukka
Wallén Erik Jarho Pekka
Xhaard Henri Lahtela-Kakkonen Maija
Yli-Kauhaluoma Lapinjoki Seppo
Jari Nevalainen Tapio
Poso Antti
Rautio Jarkko
Savinainen Juha
von Wright Atte
Pharmaceutical technology:
Heinämäki Jyrki Juslin
Hirvonen Jouni Järvinen Kristiina
Kairemo Kalevi Ketolainen Jarkko
Kaukonen Ann Marie Korhonen Ossi
Niskanen Tapani Paronen Petteri
Peltonen Leena Vidgren Mika
Santos Hélder
Sivén Mia
Yliruusi Jouko
Social pharmacy:
Absetz Pilvikki Ahonen Riitta
Airaksinen Marja Airaksinen Marja
Blom Marja Bell Simon
Chen Timothy Enlund Hannes
Haikala Veikko Hartikainen Sirpa
Heikkilä Kristiina Hämeen-Anttila Katri
Laaksonen Raisa Klaukka
Laitinen-Parkkonen Pirjo Korhonen Maarit
Lehtonen Johannes Vohlonen Ilkka
Lilja John
Mikkola Janne
Pennanen Pirjo
Pietilä Kirsi
Saxen Harri
Torniainen Kirsti
Vanhanen Hannu
Industrial pharmacy:
Aaltonen Kirsti
Juppo Anne
Kaaja Risto
Katajavuori Nina
Niskanen Mervi
Oksala Olli
Sandler Niklas

1. Contacts
2. Location of the Campuses and transport
3. Board 2012-2013
4. Board meeting summaries:

1. Contacts

Director: Associate Professor Clare Strachan, PhD
University of Helsinki, Division of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology
Visiting address: Viikinkaari 5 E
Mail: P.O.Box 56, 00014 Helsingin yliopisto, Finland
Tel. + 358 (0)50 318 5341
Fax + 358 –
clare.strachan (at) helsinki.fi

Vice Director: Professor Jarkko Rautio, PhD
University of Eastern Finland
School of Pharmacy, Pharmaceutics
P.O.Box 1627, 70211 Kuopio
Tel. +358 – 2944 54378
Fax +358 – 17 – 162 252
Jarkko.rautio (at) uef.fi

Research Coordinator: PhD Ilkka Reenilä
University of Helsinki, Faculty of Pharmacy
Visiting address: Latokartanonkaari 11
Mail: P.O.Box 27, 00014 Helsingin yliopisto, Finland
Tel. +358 – 50 – 4480762
Ilkka.Reenila (at) helsinki.fi

Focal Point in Kuopio: Arja Afflekt and Mervi Silaste
University of Eastern Finland, School of Pharmacy
Visiting address: Yliopistonranta 1C (Canthia building)
Mail: P.O.Box 1627, 70211 Kuopio, Finland
Tel. + 358 – 40 – 35529642 (Afflekt), + 358 – 40 – 3552198 (Silaste)
Fax. +358 – 17 – 162 252
firstname.lastname (at) uef.fi

The Departments / Divisions and contact persons representing the Doctoral program include:

  • Division of Pharmaceutical Biosciences, University of Helsinki, Professor Marjo Yliperttula (biopharmacy), Professor Heikki Vuorela (pharmaceutical biology)
  • Division of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy, University of Helsinki, Professor Raimo K. Tuominen (pharmacology), Professor Marja Airaksinen (social pharmacy)
  • Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, University of Eastern Finland, Professor Markus Forsberg
  • Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, University of Eastern Finland, Professor Seppo Auriola
  • Division of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and technology, University of Helsinki, Professor Jari Yli-Kauhaluoma (medicinal chemistry), Professor Jouko Yliruusi (pharmaceutical technology)
  • Department of Pharmaceutics, University of Eastern Finland, Professor Paavo Honkakoski
  • Department of Social Pharmacy, University of Eastern Finland, Professor Riitta Ahonen

2. Location of the Campuses and transport

University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio campus: maps, Canthia

University of Helsinki, Viikki campus: Biocenter 2

3. Board 2012-2013

Jarkko Rautio   pharmaceutical chemistry, Vice Director
Markus Forsberg   pharmacology
Kirsti Vainio   social pharmacy
Piia Siitonen   Doctoral student, pharmacology

Clare Strachan   pharmaceutical technology, Director
Heidi Kidron   biopharmacy
Pia Vuorela   pharmaceutical biology
Juho-Matti Renko   Doctoral student, pharmacology
Ilkka Reenilä   Coordinator

4. Board meeting summaries:

FPDP-P Board Meeting 11.6.2015, summary

1. Budget and activities

- Best pharmaceutical thesis awards in 2014: Mohammad-Ali Shahbazi (UH) and Ari Kauppinen (UEF)

2. FinPharma Doctoral Program 9th Annual Meeting

- Program is almost finalised

FPDP-P Board Meeting 6.5.2015, summary

1. Budget and activities

- Best pharmaceutical thesis awards in 2014: call for application deadline is 31.5.2015

2. FinPharma Doctoral Program 9th Annual Meeting

- A cruise to Stockholm and back with a topic: Future of Pharma, including visit in the Karolinska institutet

- Program was updated

- Student council was nominated

FPDP-P Board Meeting 26.3.2015, summary

1. Budget and activities

- FPDP Board decided the budget for FPDP sections in a meeting 13.3.2015

- Course support was defined

- Doctoral candidates’ activities include plans for cruise to wine factory in UEF and symposium with anniversary celebration of Association of Pharmacy Teachers and Researchers (FOTY) in UH

2. FinPharma Doctoral Progarm 9th Annual Meeting

- Update of the planning

FPDP-P Board Meeting 10.2.2015, summary

1. Budget and activities

- FPDP Board has not decided the exact budget for FPDP-P. However, support for FPDP-P activities in 2015 was decided.

- UEF Faculty travel grant call is open twice a year (500 euros for Europe and 800 euros for outside Europe travels)

- UH Chancellor’s/Doctoral school travel grant call is open twice a year. Doctoral programmes grade the applications in spring and in autumn decide the funded travels

- FPDP-P travel application is continuous and grant sums will be maximally 400/500 euros (UH/UEF) for domestic travels and maximally 1300/1400 euros for international travels

- UEF and UH will open a call for University funded four years salary positions (deadline at August-September 2015)

2. FinPharma Doctoral Progarm 9 th Annual Meeting

- A cruise to Stockholm and back for 50 -100 participants with a topic: Future of Pharma, 19.-21.8.2015. Visit to Karolinska Institutet is included in the trip.

- Student council can include doctoral candidates having an University salary position and other volunteers. Student council can organise their own scientific program on board.

FPDP-P Board Meeting 10.12.2014, summary

1. FPDP-P budget and activities

- In UH 3 Doctoral student positions in DPDR were allocated to the Faculty of pharmacy. In UEF applications for 11 Doctoral student positions allocated to Faculty of Health Sciences are under evaluation

- UH Faculty of Pharmacy changed preliminary examination regulations for Doctoral students who have been admitted after 1.9.2014: Preliminary examination (4 ECTS) may be an essay, literature review or an exam. Dates in 2015 will be 9.2. at 13 o’clock and 11.5. at 13 o’clock. Thus, joint questions of UH and UEF will not necessarily be used anymore

2. FinPharma Doctoral Progarm 9 th Annual Meeting, Autumn 2015

- A cruise to Stockholm and back for 50 -100 participants with a topic: Future of Pharma

- Dates: 19.-21.8.2015

- Doctoral student for Student council will be asked

- Potential lecturer in Sweden will be asked

- Instead of posters and traditional oral presentations, a three-minute-thesis competition will be organized

FPDP-P Board Meeting 12.11.2014, summary

1. FPDP-P budget and activities

- Funding for Doctoral student activities in UH and UEF were allocated. Additional funding for doctoral training courses was given.

- Summary of the progress of Doctoral students in FPDP-P in 2013 and anonymous feedback of the supervision 2013 in FPDP-P were discussed

- In UH applications for 3 Doctoral student positions in DPDR was under evaluation and in UEF a call for applications for 11 Doctoral student positions allocated to Faculty of Health Sciences was opened

2. 8 th Annual FinPharma Doctoral program Meeting 2014, 26.-27.8.2014

- A brief discussion of the Feedback summary and the Student council report were done

3. FinPharma Doctoral Progarm 9 th Annual Meeting, Autumn 2015

- A cruise to Stockholm and back for 50 -100 participants with a topic: Future of Pharma

FPDP-P Board Meeting 27.8.2014, summary

1. FPDP-P budget and activities

- Due savings last year, FPDP-P opens up again on-line travel grant application

2. Best pharmaceutical thesis in 2013

- Best theses in 2013: Pyry Välitalo “Population pharmacokinetics in support of analgesics and anaesthetics studies in special populations” (UEF) and Anu Vaikkinen “Direct open air surface sampling/ionization mass spectrometry methods in the study of neutral and nonpolar compounds” (UH). The winners gave a lecture of their research in FPDP 8 th Annual Meeting.

3. 8 th Annual FinPharma Doctoral program Meeting 2014, 26.-27.8.2014, Helsinki

- The Best FPDP-P pharmaceutical poster prize from the Finnish Pharmaceutical Society was awarded to Sofia Sousa from UEF in the Annual meeting.

- A summary, abstracts and program will be published in Dosis journal 4/2014

4. FinPharma Doctoral Progarm 9 th Annual Meeting

- FPDP 9 th Annual Meeting will be organized by FPDP-P. Preliminary dates: 13.-15.9.2015

FPDP-P Board Meeting 4.6.2014, summary

1. FPDP-P reimbursements for travel costs

- Call for Doctoral student travel grants was open until 23.5.2014. Altogether 3476 euros were granted for travels based on 9 applications

2. FPDP-P budget and activities

- FPDP-P Board meeting (15.5.2014): savings from 2013 will be distributed to Sections based on the number of Doctoral students (FPDP-P: 60 %)

3. Best pharmaceutical thesis in 2013

- Evaluation period: dissertations 1.7.2013- 30.4.2014. The call deadline is 17.6.

4. 8th Annual FinPharma Doctoral program Meeting 2014 Epidemiological approaches in pharmacology and toxicology, 26.-27.8.2014, Helsinki

- Hannu Raunio (FPDP-T) organises, http://fpdp.fi/index.php?s=3-joint-meeting

- Bus + hotel from and to Kuopio for Doctoral students and supervisors for free (contact persons: Marja Lappalainen and Björn Peters)

- Directors will enquire the Best pharmaceutical poster prize from the Finnish Pharmaceutical Society

5. Status of Doctoral schools and doctoral training in UH and UEF was discussed

FPDP-P Board Meeting 14.4.2014, summary

1. New Board for 2014-2015 for FPDP Pharmacy section (FPDP-P) was nominated

2. FPDP-P budget and activities

- Funding was allocated to two courses applied

- Due to less than a half of FPDP-P budget for 2014 compared to 2013, a call for Doctoral student travel grants will be opened instead of on-line application. The deadline for the applications will be in the 23.5.2014. Potential savings from 2013 can be used for another travel grant call in the Autumn.

- Criteria for the Best thesis award were discussed

- Report to Academy of Finland (years 2010-2013) will be finished by Coordinator and Paavo Honkakoski

- Update of the Doctoral training in drug research and toxicology in UH and UEF

3. FinPharma Doctoral Program – 7th Annual Meeting: Drug Safety, 22.-23.8. 2013, Biomedicum Helsinki

- FPDP-C and Student council organised scientific and social program. Feedback of the meeting was published in the FPDP website

FPDP-P Board Meeting 27.11.2013, summary

1. FPDP Board meeting 11.11.2013:

- Update of the Doctoral training in drug research and toxicology in Finland

- Distribution of funds for activities of the Sections

2. FPDP-P and doctoral training in UH and UEF

- UH: Doctoral school in health science is starting to get form
- UH: Drug Research Doctoral Programme has chosen the 5 Doctoral students for UH funded positions within 2014-2017

- UEF: Drug Research Doctoral Program received 8 UEF funded positions

- Best thesis in pharmacy award criteria were discussed

- Summary of the of Doctoral students’ progress in year 2012: 70 % of the Doctoral students sent a report.

- New FPDP-P Board for 2014-2015 will be formed.

- FPDP-P Doctoral training courses can be applied until 7.1.2014. Details from Coordinator.

3. Budgets 2013 and 2014

- There were enough resources for 2013 but one funding period will end. Academy of Finland support for year 2014 is substantially less. However, Drug Research Doctoral Programs can apply funds from local University

4. FinPharma Doctoral Program 8 th Annual Meeting: preliminarily at 25.-26.8.2014 preceding Global Pharmaceutical Education Network (GPEN2014) meeting in Helsinki

FPDP-P Board Meeting 22.8.2013, summary

1. FPDP-P and doctoral training in UH

- Graduate School of Health Research and Drug Research Doctoral Program (practically includes FPDP members in UH) will be formed in UH. Boards of these organisations are being formed at the moment. Drug Research Doctoral Program has 5 new Doctoral student positions for years 2014-2017

2. 7 th Annual FinPharma Doctoral Program Meeting 22.-23.8.2013

- Best Thesis Awards in Pharmaceutical Sciences in Finland in 2012 (FPDP-P Director and Vice Director did not participate in the selection process):

  • UH: PhD (Pharm) Nenad Manevski – Activity and Enzyme Kinetics of Human UDP-Glucuronosyltransferases
  • UEF: PhD Jenni Küblbeck – Use of Xenosensors for Drug Metabolism Studies.

- The thesis award-winners had presentations in the Annual Meeting 23.8.2013

- Finnish Pharmaceutical Society Poster Award for the best poster in pharmacy was presented by doc. Leena Peltonen to Henna Ylikangas (UEF)

- The best poster in the Annual Meeting (by votes): Anne Filppula (FPDP-C)

- Student council organised program in the Annual Meeting. Doctoral student Carita Linden-Lahti from FPDP-P was a member of the Student council

4. Report for the Academy of Finland

- Only about 60 % of the Doctoral students have sent the report of their progress in year 2012 to the Coordinator. Doctoral students and supervisors will be reminded. Coordinator asks about the status of the annual progress reports of Universities’ new Graduate Schools.

5. Preliminary examination 22.11.2013, at 10.00-14.00 o’clock

FPDP-P Board Meeting 30.5.2013, summary

1. FPDP-P practises

- Faculty of pharmacy and some other research groups in Viikki, Meilahti and Kumpula will send an application to Rector to form a Drug research Doctoral program in the Health science Graduate school in the University of Helsinki

- Faculty of pharmacy in the University of Helsinki is a potential member of European ULLA network

- Best pharmaceutical thesis in 2012 awards: deadline for suggestions 7.6.2013

- Only 25 % of the Doctoral students have sent annual follow-up report concerning year 2012 before the deadline

2. FinPharma Doctoral Program – 7th Annual Meeting: “Drug Safety” in Biomedicum Helsinki 22.-23.8.2013

- Doctoral student Carita Linden-Lahti is a FPDP-P member of Student council

- Posters of all FPDP research topics are welcome, oral presentations are preferentially according to the meeting theme. Best Poster will be awarded.

3. Next FPDP and FPDP-P Board meetings in the Annual Meeting (22.-23.8.2013)

FPDP-P Board Meeting 12.4.2013, summary

1. FPDP-P practises

- In FPDP Board meeting in 14.2.2013 Graduate school system in Finnish Universities and Annual Meeting 22.-23.8.2013 were discussed

- Board of the Drug Research Doctoral program in UEF Graduate school has been selected.

- UH: suggestion for Graduate school(s) in University of Helsinki was commented by Faculties and UH Board will make decicion 23.4.2013

- Low amount of reports for Academy of Finland about activities in 2010-2011 was received. Some reports concerning 2013 have been received. FPDP-P Board reminds that the developmental discussion between supervisors and Doctoral students have to be done

2. FinPharma Doctoral Program – 7th Annual Meeting: “Drug Safety” in Biomedicum Helsinki 22.-23.8.2013

- Program is nearly final

FPDP-P Board Meeting 18.12.2012, summary

1. FPDP-P practises

- Henna Ylikangas will replace Hanna Uosukainen in 2013 as a Doctoral student representative from UEF in FPDP-P Board

- Coordinator still lacks 20-30 reports about Doctoral students’ progress in 2010-2011 for Academy of Finland report. Next year a Doctoral student is asked to fill up report form before Developmental discussion, which should be arranged every year

- Next preliminary examination 17.5.2013 at 10-14 o’clock

- Details have been added to Preliminary examination registration (UH) and Defence of the research plan reporting process (UH and UEF)

2. Economy and courses in 2013

- Course funding was decided for year 2013

3. Other

- Summary of Doctoral students’ activities in UEF was reported

FPDP-P Board Meeting 17.8.2012, summary

1. FPDP-P practises

- Coordinator is still collecting Doctoral student data for Academy of Finland report.

2. FinPharma Doctoral Program – 6th Annual Meeting: Selectivity of medicines with Career development session

- Career development session was successfully organised by students who will receive ECTS for their activity.

- President of Finnish Pharmaceutical Society Niklas Sandler awarded presentation/poster prize to Henna Ylikangas. Leena Kontturi received Certificate of Honor.

- Best Thesis Awards in Pharmaceutical Sciences in Finland in 2011 was awarded to PhD (Pharm) Johanna Räikkönen (University of Eastern Finland) and PhD (Pharm) Mikko Käenmäki (University of Helsinki). The awarded persons had a presentation about their thesis.

3. Other significant matters

- Economical update was made. Application for courses to be organised next year will be open soon.

4. Next meeting of FPDP Board will be in November-December

FPDP-P Board Meeting 15.5.2012, summary

1. FPDP-P practises

- Coordinator collects data for report from Doctoral students (years 2010-2011)
- Preliminary examination 21.5.2012
- Call for suggestions for best thesis in pharmacy (dissertation 1.7.2011-30.6.2012). Deadline for suggestions 8.6.2012.

2. FinPharma Doctoral Program – 6th Annual Meeting: Selectivity of medicines in Turku 16.-17.8.2012, PharmaCity Auditorium

- Preliminary program made. Career development session is organised by students
- Prize for best pharmaceutical poster obtained from Finnish Pharmaceutical Society

3. UH: International evaluation of research and doctoral training Pharmacology consortium awarded (within 30 % of best in category). Published 7.5.2012: http://www.helsinki.fi/arviointi2010-2012/tulokset.htm

4. Next meeting of FPDP Board 4.6.2012 and FPDP-P 17.8.2012 at lunch time

FPDP-P Board Meeting 13.1.2012, summary

1. FPDP Pharmacy Board for years 2012-2013
Paavo Honkakoski   biopharmacy, Vice Director
Seppo Auriola   pharmaceutical chemistry
Markus Forsberg   pharmacology
Kirsti Vainio   social pharmacy
Hanna Uosukainen   Doctoral student, pharmacology

Jari Yli-Kauhaluoma   pharmaceutical chemistry, Director
Anne Juppo   pharmaceutical technology
Heikki Vuorela   pharmaceutical biology
Marjo Yliperttula   biopharmacy
Carita Linden-Lahti   Doctoral student, social pharmacy
Ilkka Reenilä   Coordinator

2. FPDP Board meeting 12.12.2011:
- economy, handbook, coordination support

3. FinPharma Doctoral Program – 6th Annual Meeting: Selectivity of medicines, Turku 16.-17.8.2012

- FPDP-D organises. Students organise career development session and poster presentattion. Credits for organisers are suggested.

4. Budget 2011, courses 2011 and 2012

- Budget for year 2012. Primarily, UH will use new Academy of Finland grant (decision 2011) and UEF old grant (decision 2011). The expenses will be equalised later. Becoming new courses can be (partly) supported.

5. Preliminary examination in Spring 2012

- Monday 21.5.2012 at 10-14 o’clock. In rare cases (e.g. exeptional research project) examination material and examination date can be changed, if it suits for examiner and Faculty office.

6. Miscancellous

- The Finnish Higher Education Evaluation Council (FINHEEC) seminar 7.11.2011. Some suggestions:

* Follow-up group (included in FPDP handbook): not very functional since threre are research plan defence occasion and several supervisors. A suggestion of (external) expert (e.g. docent), a mentor who has a view outside and supports Doctoral student.

* Systematic feedback about supervision. In addition to developmental discussions there should be feedback collected by Faculties, for example, every second year

- Coordinator collects feedback from Doctoral students about years 2010-2011 accorng to a spreasheet developed by Academy of Finland.

- Academy of Finland’s The Graduate School Working Group’s Suggestions for Doctoral Training report published 15.12.2011

7. Next meeting

- 11.5.2012 as videoconference

GSPR Board Meeting 28.10.2011, summary

1. A suggestion for FPDP Board for Ministry of Education supported seven Doctoral student positions in Pharmacy section was made. FPFP Board will decide all positions in a meeting at 2.11.2011. Also, financial support for the activities of FPDP and its sections (for 2012-2015) will be decided then.

2. Board of FPDP pharmacy (2012-2013) will have four representatives from UH and four from UEF in addition to one Doctoral student from each University. Director will be Prof. Jari Yli-Kauhaluoma (UH, pharmaceutical chemistry) and Vice director Prof. Paavo Honkakoski (UEF, biopharmacy).

3. Budget of GSPR was partly updated. No supplemental call for financial applications will be made. GSPR supports long-period lab visit by same amount as congress travel since most of the benefit will be in a research group. Deadline for GSPR 2012 course application is 31.10.2011.

4. According to feedback of the FinPharmaNet – 5th Annual Graduate School Joint Meeting (15.-16.8.2011, UEF, Kuopio Campus) was successful. Good developmental ideas were given by the participants and non-participants.

5. In case the examiners agree, preliminary examination material can be other than that listed in the GSPR web page.

6. A report made by group in the Academy of Finland about development of Finnish doctoral training was commented.

GSPR Board Meeting 16.8.2011, summary

1. Call for Ministry of Education funded Doctoral student positions in FinPharma Doctoral Program will be open 21.8.-30.9.2011. After the call Coordinator compiles a summary of the pharmaceutical research applications, after that Director and Vice director make a suggestion to FPDP Pharmacy (=GSPR) Board, which sends its final suggestion of the seven positions to FPDP Board.

2. Draft of FPDP Handbook will be circulated among FPDP sections for comments.

3. Present representatives of GSPR Board are willing to continue in the Board of FPDP pharmacy section (starting at 2012). However, colleagues in pharmaceutical faculty (UH) and school of pharmacy (UEF) will be asked for their interest to be in FPDP pharmacy Board.

4. FinPharmaNet 5th Joint Meeting: “The life cycle of the medicines” is in progress at 15.-16.8.2011 in Kuopio. The best poster prize in pharmacy was donated by Finnish Pharmaceutical Society to Henna Härkönen (UEF). The best thesis in year 2010 will be awarded to Jenni Ilomäki (UEF) and Kati-Sisko Vellonen (UH). Additions to feedback formula will be summarised by student representatives of GSPR Board.

GSPR Board Meeting 16.5.2011, summary

1. Lecturer Katri Hämeen-Anttila (social pharmacy) is replaced by Kirsti Vainio from social pharmacy in the GSPR Board.

2. FinPharmaNet Board meeting 16.5.2011: Ministry of Education 4-year positions for 2012-2015: GSPR 7 (+9 earlier =16), CDRG 7 (+0=7), DDGS 8 (+2=10), ToxGS 5 (+0=5). Announcement of the positions was compiled. Preliminary application period is in September 2011.

3. Support for increase of international collaboration was decided based on applications. Supported collaborations: Nordic Graduate School Course of metabolomics (Auriola), Biopharmaceutical Graduate Education Network (Yliperttula) and Seminar on poor solubility of drugs 2011 (Aaltonen).

4. Graduate school practises: handbook in English for FPDP is in progress.

5. FinPharmaNet 5th Joint Meeting: “The life cycle of the medicines” will be 15.-16.8.2011 in Kuopio. Program is almost ready. Preliminary info in FinPharmaNet web site.

6. Preliminary examination in Autumn: 25.11.2010

7. Proposals for best thesis in pharmaceutical research 2010 will be asked soon.

8. Next GSPR Board meeting will be around 3.-10.6. Next FinPharmaNet Board meeting will be 16.8.2011.

GSPR Board Meeting 3.2.2011, summary

1. Prof. Jouko Yliruusi (pharmaceutical technology) is replaced by prof. Anne Juppo (industrial pharmacy/pharmaceutical technology) and Lecturer Katri Hämeen-Anttila (social pharmacy) will be replaced by representative from social pharmacy in the GSPR Board.

2. FPDP Doctoral program practises and FinPharmaNet 5th Joint Meeting were discussed in FinPharmaNet Board meeting 13.1.2011. There will be new website for FPDP and FPDP sections’ will have their own pages in the web site

3. Courses and their budgets for year 2011 were updated.

4. Graduate school practises

- GSPR (Coordinator) is compiling draft handbook in English for FPDP.

- Instructions for course organises are published in GSPR web site

- Course feedback has been very positive. However, no summaries of some of the courses have not been sent to Coordinator or even no course feedback has been collected. More systematic feedback follow-up is needed.

- Based on updated records there are 173 full time and 107 part time (altogether 280) students in GSPR. Numbers are not exact since faculty offices do not receive updates very often.

5. Students’ suggestions for FinPharmaNet 5th Joint Meeting lecturers are collected

6.Other activities

- Info and discussion about GSPR and FPDP practises for supervisors will be in UH Lammi seminar 28.-29.4.2011

- Next FinPharmaNet Board meeting will be 6.4.2011

- Next GSPR Board meeting will be 3.5.2011

GSPR Board Meeting 23.11.2010, summary

1. GSPR supported courses in 2011 will be decided soon.

2. Good practises: Draft of Handbook for Doctoral training in FPDP (-Pharmacy) will be compiled

3. A guide for course organiser will be made. This includes, for example, economical instructions (planning and handling of the bills), feedback form, logo

4. Planning for FinPharmNet 5th Joint Meeting program is in progress.

5. GSPR will increase international activities and focus on certain international networks. Pharmaceutical disciplines are asked to point out their favourite collaboration which will be supported by GSPR

6. GSPR organised “PhD Students’ get-together” 8.11.2010 with Faculty of Pharmacy in the University of Helsinki

GSPR Board Meeting 31.8.2010, summary

1. Academy of Finland application for years 2012-2015 unites four graduate schools as FinPharma Doctoral Program (FPDP).

2. Preliminarily plans for extra funding for international activities were discussed. Support is potentially applicable in Autumn 2010

3. Best Thesis Awards in Pharmaceutical Sciences in Finland in 2009 were published in FinPharmaNet 4th Joint Meeting 30.8.2010. Awards were donated to PhD Johanna Jyrkkärinne from the University of Eastern Finland and PhD Kirsi Harju from the University of Helsinki

4. In GSPR Links web page there are links to various lists of pharmaceutical open positions

5. International networks in pharmaceutical research and training were discussed for potential partnership

GSPR Board Meeting 29.4.2010, summary

1. Application for Doctoral program (2.8.-15.9.2010) from Academy of Finland 2010 (for years 2012-2015)

- FinPharmaNet Graduate schools most likely apply as one Doctoral program

- Coordinator collects needed data with the help of responsible persons in pharmaceutical disciplines before Midsummer

2. Budget of the Graduate school is in balance

- Courses could be organised together with other organisations for more efficiency in education and to save costs

3. Good practices in the Graduate school

- Criteria of the membership in Graduate school were discussed

4. Survey about doctoral education process in Graduate school in Helsinki

- A summary of the graduate school students’ results (with original data attached) will be sent to the supervisors

5. International activities

- International contacts are searched and discussed for potential partnership in already existing research and/or educational networks

- International cooperators info (network and contact person) of the research groups will be sent to the Director of GSPR

6. Preliminary examination

- Reminder: after May 2010 also other dates for examination are possible if agreed with the examinators

7. GSPR info (organised by students) for doctoral students was held in Kuopio 29.4.

8. Next Board meeting will be in Tampere during FinPharmaNet 4th Joint Meeting 30. or 31.8.2010 (or earlier if needed)

GSPR Board Meeting 14.1.2010, summary

1. Members of the board (2010-2011)

- UEF: Prof. Paavo Honkakoski (Director), Prof. Seppo Auriola, Senior assistant Anne Lecklin, Prof. Katri Hämeen-Anttila, Graduate student Henna Härkönen
- UH: Prof. Jari Yli-Kauhaluoma (Vice director), Prof. Marjo Yliperttula, Prof. Jouko Yliruusi, Graduate student Terhi Kurko
- Coordinateor Ilkka Reenilä

2. Application for 2012-2015

- Several open questions still since post graduate educational renewal propositions by Graduate Support Group in the Academy of Finland are in progress
- Application info for Graduate schools 10.3., application from May until 15.9.2010

3. Graduate school course support 2010

- About 70 % of the annual Graduate school budget for GSPR course organisation, rest for the student travel grants

4. Good practices in the Graduate School

- Preliminary examination will be mandatory for full membership (e.g. travel grant application) in the GSPR (valid after 17.5.2010). If examinators agree, also other dates for examination are possible
- Criterion for main supervisor: PI, other supervisors can be Docents or Doctors
- For the sake of equality, no extra, allocated travel grants for students paid by Ministry of Education
- Research group is responsible for rest of the salary for students having position granted by Ministry of Education
-Research proposal defense: more instructions for students, supervisor have to comment the plan before proposal event

5. International activities

- Extra funding for international traveling in Autumn 2009. Reports to Coordinator before 1.2.2010
- UH, pharmaceutical chemistry: Paul Ehrlich MedChem EURO-PhD network
- UH, biopharmacy: CRS Nordic Chapter
- Current international contacts in GSPR will be collected
- Potential current networks will be clarified

6. Other updates and info

- FinBioNet meeting 10.12.2009: letters to the Academy of Finland about the benefits of the graduate school system and concerns of the potential changes in graduate school coordination
- More info on GSPR web pages: administrative decisions ja dissertation info

FPDP-P: travel grant 2015

The FinPharma Doctoral Program Pharmacy section (FPDP-P) has travel grants for Doctoral students. All PhD students in the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Helsinki or in the School of Pharmacy at the University of Eastern Finland, and who belong to the FPDP-P (=do not belong to any other national doctoral programme funded by Academy of Finland), may apply for these travel grants.

Travel grants are intended for travel and accommodation costs (daily allowances are not acceptable) for participation in graduate school courses, scientific visits and conferences. It is expected that the supervisor’s research project or other funding sources also contribute towards the travel budget (partial funding will be given if the application is successful).

Maximal amounts of travel cost reimbursements will be:
• Travel in Finland: max 400 euros (Doctoral students in UH) and max 500 euros (Doctoral students in UEF, in case of travel outside Kuopio)
• Travel outside Finland: max 1300 euros (Doctoral students in UH) and max 1400 euros (Doctoral students in UEF)
• In special cases (e.g. working abroad) maximal support is negotiable

Higher support for Doctoral students in Kuopio is due to usually more expensive traveling to training events nationally and internationally.

The FPDP-P particularly supports the following activities:
• Travel to FPDP’s courses
• Visits to international laboratories and institutions to acquire new skills and methods, in order to improve the applicant’s PhD thesis work and training
• Visits to international courses

See FPDP courses.

The eligible FPDP-P grant applicant:
• has passed the preliminary examination
• has reported about the annual activities (https://elomake.helsinki.fi/lomakkeet/48689/lomake.html).


All travel grants have to be applied for in advance, at least three weeks before the travel and the grants must be used within the same year as applied. Last date of grant use (bill and receipts to be accepted) for the year 2014 is December 15, 2014. The application should be addressed to the Director (students in Helsinki) or to the Vice Director (students in Kuopio).

The following information must be included:
• membership in the FPDP-P
• description of purpose for the travel grant
• travel budget and other funding granted/applied for
• description of the student’s work proposal or presentation in a scientific meeting: (title, abstract, poster or oral presentation), the applicant’s CV and list of publications
• track record of the applicant’s post-graduate studies (dates for the launch of PhD studies, preliminary examination, defense of the research proposal and other completed studies).
• names of the supervisors and the title of the research
• estimated year of dissertation and doctoral degree
• in case of an international visit, justification how this travel promotes a) the international activities of the FPDP-P, b) applicant’s training and c) applicant’s research group or organisation, must be given.

After the travel, a short report (e.g., a meeting abstract, description of activities, benefit for the home scientific community) and an itemization of the actual travel budget should be submitted to the FPDP-P Board (via Coordinator). Normal University routines with respect to billing should also be adhered to.

A free form application is to be addressed to:

- in Helsinki:
Associate Professor Clare Strachan, PhD
University of Helsinki, Division of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology
Visiting address: Viikinkaari 5 E
P.O.Box 56, 00014 Helsingin yliopisto, Finland

clare.strachan (at) helsinki.fi

- in Kuopio:
Professor Jarkko Rautio, PhD
University of Eastern Finland
School of Pharmacy, Pharmaceutics
P.O.Box 1627, 70211 Kuopio

Jarkko.rautio (at) uef.fi

1. Selection of the research topic

2. Registration as Doctoral student in the University

3. Preliminary examination

4. Courses organised by FPDP, Universitises and other organisations

5. Defense of the research plan

6. Dissertation

7. Doctoral degree

See also FPDP general instructions

FPDP Pharmacy – past courses

FPDP-P courses

Past courses as Graduate School in Pharmaceutical Research (GSPR)


  • Drug Design, 28.11. – 5.12.2011, Kuopio
    Registration before 24.11.2011
  • FinBioNet PhD Student Symposium Five Senses & Science, 22.-23.11.2011, Helsinki, Info pages
  • Drug-receptor interactions in drug design, 31.10. – 4.11.2011, Kuopio Registration before 27.10.2011
  • Embryonic stem cells and cell reprogramming, 27.-29.9.2011, Kuopio Website.
  • Overcoming the Challenge of Poorly Soluble Drugs, 26.9.2011, Helsinki. Link to seminar website. Free for GSPR Doctoral students.
  • HDR 2011, 20th Helsinki Drug Research, 18.-20.9.2011, Helsinki (University Main building and Messukeskus). GSPR Doctoral students have free attendance. First announcement (.pdf). Link to website.
  • FinMedChem2011, 15.-16.9.2011, Helsinki Program and registration info in FinMedChem website.
  • Molecular Modelling I, 12.9. – 19.9.2011, Kuopio Registration before 8.9.2011
  • Non-mammalian model organisms, 5-9 September 2011, University of Tampere, Tampere. Course website.
  • Biopharmaceutics in Pharmaceutical Product Development – Biofarmasia farmaseuttisessa tuotekehityksessä, 29.8.-1.9.2011, Helsinki Info: Program (.pdf), Industrial pharmacy website
  • Basics in Interpretation of Mass Spectra, 24.-26.8.2011, Hotel Kiljavanranta, Nurmijärvi. Info and registration in course website.
  • FinPharmaNet 5th Annual Joint Meeting, 15.-16.8.2011, Kuopio (GSPR). Info in meeting website.
  • Personalized Drug Therapy Symposium, 16.-17.6.2011, Helsinki Program and registration info
  • Immunopharmacology of neurodegenerative diseases, 8.-11.6.2011, Kuopio Info, program (.pdf)
  • The Symposium of PK modeling, 6.-7.6.2011, Helsinki Summer school info (.pdf), program (.pdf)
  • Graduate student workshop: Computational methods in protein science, 30.-31.5.2011, Helsinki info (.doc)
  • Drug metabolism and analysis of the metabolites course AND Bioanalysis course, 23.5.-26.5.2011 Tvärminne Info (.pdf), program (.pdf), registration. Bus transport to Tvärminne: from Helsinki at 10.00 from Mikonkatu
  • Statistical Methods in Causal Inference, 16.-18.5.2011, University Main Building, Hall 7 (and 8) Helsinki. Info
  • Outcomes assessment, rational drug therapy and pharmacy, 12.-13.5.2011, Helsinki. Free for Doctoral students and Graduate students, Info (.pdf)
  • Drug design, 2.5. – 6.5.2011, Kuopio
  • Drug-receptor interactions, 10.-14.1.2011, Kuopio


  • Advanced short course in pharmacoeconomics, 27.-29.9.2010, Kuopio. Program and info (.pdf). Registration before 20.9.2010.
  • Molecular modelling, 20.9. – 24.9.2010, Kuopio. Registration.
  • FinBioNet PhD student symposium: “Visionary Science” 9.-10.9.2010, Kuopio Music Centre. Registration before 15.8.2010.
  • Chemometrics in drug analysis and metabolomics, 30.8.-3.9.2010, Kuopio. Info (.pdf) . Registration before 10.8.2010
  • FinPharmaNet – 4th Annual Graduate School Joint Meeting: “Transport and Transporters”, 30.-31.8.2010, Tampere. Info (registration 9.-20.8.2010)
  • G protein coupled receptors (GPCRs2010), 23.-26.8.2010, Helsinki 1-3 ECTS, no course fee for Graduate students members of ISB, GSPR, DDGS or VGSB. Followed by Symposium about G protein-coupled receptors August 26-27th 2010, Symposium and course web page. Registration will be available at the start of June on the course website.
  • WorldPharma2010 Satellite: FinPharmaNet & Drug Research Academy 16.-18.7.2010, Copenhagen, Denmark, preliminary info for GSPR members (.pdf, 25.6.10.) , info for DDGS members
  • Stereotaxis in neuropharmacological research, 2.-4.6.2010, Helsinki, Info (.pdf) . Registration deadline 20.5.2010.
  • Drug design, 5/2010, Kuopio (registration deadline 26.4.2010)
  • Cellular imaging techniques in theory and practice, 24.-28.5.2010, Info page
  • Outcomes Assessment, Rational Drug Therapy and Pharmacy, 24.-27.5.2010, Helsinki Preliminary info (.pdf)
  • Process analytical aspects of biopharmaceutical manufacturing: Modern biopharmaceutical process analytics and freeze-drying in biomaterial production. 4.5.2010. Kuopio. Info (.pdf). Registration deadline 14.4.2010. EUFEPS -> Current Meetings -> EuPAT4, 2nd announcement
  • Systematic Literature Review and Meta-analysis, 30.3.2010, Helsinki, Info (.pdf)
  • Gene manipulation – Advanced tools for drug research, 18.-19.3.2010, Helsinki, Info
  • Microarray Course for Ph.D. students in Pharmacy, 22.2-8.3.2010, Kuopio Info. Registration before 18.2.2010
  • Drug-receptor interactions, 2/2010, Kuopio


  • Case-control studies in pharmacoepidemiology (earlier: Advanced short course in pharmacoepidemiology), 30.9.-2.10.2009 (Kuopio). Contact person: juha.turunen @ uku.fi
  • Molecular modelling I, 21.-25.9.2009, Kuopio More info: prof. Antti Poso.
  • Methods in pharmacogenomics, 21.-23.9.2009 (Helsinki).
  • FinPharmaNet Joint Meeting of the Graduate Schools 13.-14.08. 2009 (Helsinki, organiser: CDRGS).
  • Lääkepolitiikkaa opiskelijoille, 3.-5.6. 2009, Kuopio.
  • Drug metabolism and analysis of the metabolites AND Bioanalysis, 25.-28.5. 2009, Tvärminne. Course info (.pdf), Program (.pdf)
  • Outcomes, assessment and rational drug therapy, 11.-14.5. 2009, Helsinki. Info (in Finnish), Program, Review topics
  • Drug-receptor interactions, 4.-8.5.2009, Kuopio
  • Lääkeinfo-palsta 40 vuotta -juhlaseminaari. Seminar for the 40th anniversary – Drug information column of the Finnish Medical Bulletin. 28.4.2009, Helsinki. Info in FinPharmaNet Calendar pages.
  • Introduction to high throughput screening technologies, 7.-8.4. 2009, Helsinki
  • Molecular modelling I, 2.-6.3.2009, Kuopio
  • Basic and intermediate population pharmacokinetics, 19.-23.1.2009, Kuopio.


  • Advanced Topics in Pharmacoeconomic Evaluation, 19.–21.11.2008, Kuopio, Info (.pdf)
  • Cell cultures in Pharmaceutical Research, 22.-26.9.2008, Kuopio. Info(.pdf)
  • Joint Meeting of the FinPharmaNet Graduate Schools, 21.-22.8.2008, Turku Info: http://finpharmanet.utu.fi
  • Biopharmaceutics in Pharmaceutical Product Development, 18.-21.8.2008, Helsinki, Information: http://www.pharmtech.helsinki.fi/industrialpharmacy/biopharmaceutics/
  • International Conference: Behavioral studies in drug discovery 3, 29.6.–1.7, 2008, Tartu, Estonia, Info (.pdf), Deadline for registration: 30.4.2008.
  • HDR 2008, 19th Helsinki Drug Research 2008, 9.-11.6. 2008, Biomedicum, Helsinki, Details: www.hdr.fi
  • Drug-receptor interactions, 5.-9.5.2008, Kuopio
  • Systemaattinen kirjallisuuskatsaus & meta-analyysi, 18.3.2008, Helsinki, Yhteyshenkilö: prof. Marja Blom, Info ja ohjelma (.doc)
  • Molecular modelling I, 3.-7.3.2008, Kuopio, Info (.pdf)
  • Basic Population Pharmacokinetics (info and program in pdf) 16.-18.1.2008, Kuopio, Credits: 1 ECTS, Contact person: Veli-Pekka Ranta


  • Advanced short course in pharmacoepidemiology (registration info and preliminary program in pdf), 21.11.-23.11.2007, Kuopio, Credits: 1 ECTS, Contact person: Juha Turunen
  • Intracellular kinetics in drug delivery (program in pdf), 29.-31.10.2007, Kuopio, Credits: 1 ECTS, Contact person: Jukka Mönkkönen
  • Microarray Course for Ph.D. students in Pharmacy, 10.-14.9.2007, University of Kuopio
  • FinPharmaNet Annual Joint Meeting, 15.-16.8., University of Helsinki
  • The Taskinen Synposium on Drug Design and Metabolism, 17.-18.8., University of Helsinki
  • Stereotaxis in neuropharmacological research, 11.-13.6., University of Helsinki
  • Drug metabolism and analysis of the metabolites course AND bioanalysis course, 22.5.-25.5. Helsinki University research station in Tvärminne, Hanko
  • Drug-receptor interactions 7.5.-11.5.2007, University of Kuopio
  • Molecular modelling I, 5.-9.3.2007, University of Kuopio


  • Introduction to high throughput screening technologies 14.-15.12.2006, Helsinki * Prodrugs: Chemistry and utilization for improved drug delivery and formulation 11.-12.12.2006, Kuopio
  • Joint Meeting of the Graduate School in Pharmaceutical Research 17.-18.8.2006, Kuopio
  • Behavioral studies in drug discovery 4.-6.6.2006, Tartto ja Helsinki
  • Helsinki Drug Research Congress
  • Nanotechnology in formulation, delivery & targeting of (biotechnological) drugs 6.-9.2.2006, Helsinki


  • Molecular Modelling 2: Drug Design, 7.-8.11.2005, Helsinki
  • Drug metabolism and analysis of drugs and their metabolites, 23.5. – 27.5.2005, Kuopio
  • Graduate School Joint Meeting in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 18.-19.8.2005, Helsinki
  • Chemometric tools in pharmaceutical development; theory and use in practice 7.-8.9.2005, Kuopio
  • Cell Cultures in pharmaceutical research, 10-14.10.2005, Kuopio


  • Molecular modelling I, 18. – 24.2.2004, Kuopio
  • Drying processes; drying of pharmaceuticals, 7. – 10.12.2004, Helsinki
  • Computational, Cell Culture and Physicochemical Methods in Preclinical Pharmacokinetics, 13. – 17.12.2004, Helsinki


  • Physicochemical Methods for Characterization of Biotechnological Formulations, 24.-25.1.2003, Kuopio
  • Introduction to High Throughput Screening Technologies 8.-9.5.2003, Helsinki
  • Physical Chemistry in Drug Preformulation 14.-16.5.2003, Kuopio
  • Behavioral Studies in Drug Discovery 26.-27.5.2003, Kuopio
  • Microspheres, Nanospheres and Nanotechnology. Methods for Drug Formulation and Targeting. 3.-4.6.2003, Helsinki


  • Molecular modeling I, 4.-8.3.2002, Kuopio
  • Cell Cultures in Pharmaceutical Research, 24.9.-2.10.2002, Kuopio
  • Stereotaxis in Neuropharmacological Research, 11.-12.11.2002, Helsinki


  • Molecular Modeling II, Helsinki
  • Particle Engineering: Applications in Novel Formulation Design, Kuopio
  • Gene Manipulation – New Tools for Drug Research, Helsinki
  • XVI Helsinki University Congress of Drug Research, Helsinki


  • Molecular Modeling I, Kuopio
  • Bioinformatics in Pharmaceutical Research, Kuopio
  • HPLC Analysis, Helsinki
  • Self-Assembling Systems, Kuopio


  • Soluviljelyn perusteet, Kuopio
  • Pharmaceutical Analysis I, Helsinki
  • Molecular Pharmacology, Kuopio
  • Anti-sense Techniques, Turku
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical Applications of Biodegradable Polymers, Kuopio
  • XV Helsinki University Congress of Drug Research, Helsinki


  • Stereotaxis in Neuropharmacological Research, Helsinki
  • Nucleic Acids as Drugs, Kuopio
  • Physical Chemistry of Solutions (Helsinki/Kuopio)
  • Cell Cultures in Pharmaceutical Research (Kuopio)

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