History of FPDP 2012-2015

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FinPharma Doctoral Program (FPDP), is a national network for training in drug research and toxicology for Doctoral students in Finland.

At years 2006-2007 four Graduate schools created an umbrella network, FinPharmaNet, to coordinate and inform about the courses in the fields of drug discovery, drug development, drug research and toxicology. At year 2012 these four schools merged to form FPDP with four sections: FPDP Pharmacy, FPDP Drug discovery, FPDP Clinical drug research and FPDP Toxicology.

FPDP enhances national and international networking. Doctoral students are encouraged to take advantage of all of the four sections’ activities. Participation in domestic and international courses and laboratory visits are supported by travel grants. Cooperation with the pharmaceutical industry, regulatory authorities, societies and national and international networks support the students’ future careers.

Practical research work is the basis of doctoral education and training. All Doctoral students have supervisor(s) who lead and facilitate the progress of the doctoral training.

Activities of FPDP are supported by Ministry of Education (MEC), Academy of Finland (AF) and Universities in Finland. MEC provides partial (about 80 %) salary for 4-year, full time research for Doctoral students. There are 38 of these MEC funded positions in FPDP. AF funds the activities (training courses, travel, and administration) while Universities support the coordination of FPDP. The funding will end at the end of year 2015, but Universities’ local doctoral programmes will continue collaboration after that (see: links)

Altogether FPDP has about 300 Doctoral student members who have the same rigths and duties as MEC funded Doctoral students in FPDP network.

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FPDP administration


FPDP Board consists of Director, section Director (and Vice directors), representatives of pharmaceutical industry, national authorities and two Coordinators. This composition provides wide view and opinions about doctoral training in drug research and toxicology including career development and employment after doctoral degree.


FPDP Director: Raimo Tuominen, UH

FPDP-C Director: Janne Backman, UH (Pertti Neuvonen, UH)
FPDP-C Vice director: Mikko Niemi, UH

FPDP-D Director: Mika Scheinin, UT

FPDP-P Director: Clare Strachan, UH
FPDP-P Vice director: Jarkko Rautio, UEF

FPDP-T Director: Hannu Raunio, UEF
FPDP-T Vice director: Kirsi Vähäkangas, UEF

Medical industry: Reijo Salonen, OrionPharma
National authorities: Erkki Palva, Fimea, Hki

Coordinators: Ilkka Reenilä, UH; Eeva Valve, UT

FinPharma Doctoral Program (FPDP): report in years 2012-2015

213 doctoral candidates (end of 2015)
135 dissertations
27 four year MoC positions: 53 doctoral candidates received salary from MoC
24 dissertations

University in Finland 14
University outside Finland 3
Company in Finland 3
Authorities in Finland 3
Other 1

103 doctoral education events, e.g. Annual meeting, GPEN, Assessment of rodents’ behavior: methods and rationale

35 doctoral candidates worked outside Finland; course visits 97 (international) + 44 (national) =141; congress visits 333 + 162 = 495