History of FPDP Pharmacy (FPDP-P) 2012-2015

FPDP Pharmacy (FPDP-P), former Graduate School in Pharmaceutical Research (GSPR, started at 1998), includes all Doctoral students in the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Helsinki (UH) and School of Pharmacy in the University of Eastern Finland (UEF) unless they are members of another national Doctoral program. However, most PhD students in both pharmaceutical units follow the principles of the study curriculum described in the FPDP web page.

During 2012-2015 the FPDP-P is coordinated by the University of Helsinki and in 2014-2015 the Director is Associate Professor Clare Strachan (UH), and the Vice Director is Professor Jarkko Rautio (UEF). The Coordinator is Ilkka Reenilä, PhD. Arja Afflekt and Mervi Silaste act as officers in postgraduate education in Kuopio.

FPDP-P offers a multi-scientific and well organized doctoral education in pharmaceutical research. It includes several research groups and is a part of national and international pharmaceutical research network having connections with pharmaceutical companies.