Drug Research Doctoral Programme (DRDP) at University of Turku

Doctoral candidates of Drug Research Doctoral Programme (DRDP) (http://www.utu.fi/drdp) will perform their doctoral studies in research groups with high scientific standards. Each doctoral candidate focuses on a specific topic relevant for drug development, but the doctoral research training is comprehensive and covers a wide range of different fields in drug research. The training provides a general view of the drug development process, starting from molecular and mechanistic levels and continuing to preclinical and clinical drug research, pharmaceutical development and pharmacoepidemiology. Training will be largely produced within a national network, ensuring that all fields of drug development and drug research, even those not so strong in Turku, will be well covered. Knowledge of the pharmaceutical sciences is strong at the Universities of Helsinki and Eastern Finland, and plays an important role in the national collaboration of doctoral training in drug research.

There is a high scientific and societal demand for the drug research doctoral programme. Professionals with a good doctoral education are needed in academia, in the health care sector and in industrial and government tasks, in Finland and abroad. DRDP serves as a postgraduate programme for graduates of the Master’s Degree Programme in Drug Discovery and Development at the University of Turku but it is open to applicants from anywhere in the world, who have a suitable M.Sc. level education and an interest in drug research.

The programme currently hosts supervisors and graduate students from the Faculties of Medicine and Mathematics and Natural Sciences of the University of Turku, as well as from the PET Centre and Turku Centre for Biotechnology. Also students and supervisors from the pharmaceutical and biotech industry participate in the programme. It is part of a strong national FinPharmaNet network of drug research programmes in Finland. This network has been established to continue the successful collaboration established by the FinPharma Doctoral Programme (FPDP).