University of Eastern Finland: Doctoral Programme in Drug Research

Doctoral Programme in Drug Research – University of Eastern Finland

DPDR at UEF ( is a multidisciplinary programme covering all aspects of drug research and toxicology. The programme is coordinated by School of Pharmacy, UEF.

Our aim is to train widely competent PhDs to leading positions in drug research, product development, monitoring and toxicology, both in the public and private sectors in Finland and abroad. Altogether 60 PhD students are actively studying in DPDR, and our average output is more than 10 PhD theses per year.

For students working full time for their PhD thesis, the expected graduation time is four years. The training consists of a research project and theoretical studies (30-40 ECTS). The course work can be selected among transferable skills courses (5-15 ECTS) and subject-specific courses (25-35 ECTS), depending on the career aspirations of the candidate. Preliminary examination (3-8 ECTS) and Defense of the research plan (3 ECTS) are obligatory parts of the theoretical studies within DPDR.

The following post-graduate degrees can be completed within the DPDR: Doctor of Science (Pharmacy) or Doctor of Philosophy (40 ECTS), and Doctor of Dental Science and Doctor of Medicine (30 ECTS). For those not completing the PhD degree, Licentiate of Science (Pharmacy) and Licentiate of Philosophy degrees are available.

We organise national and international scientific courses and events in in collaboration with the FinPharmaNet network and other doctoral programs of the Faculty of Health Sciences, UEF. Our supervisors have an active network of academic, administrative and industrial collaborators.